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About Us

Hi and thanks for taking the time to find out more about us at Bigfoods. 
Do you want to save more on your shopping each week and not fussy about best before dates? 

Then why not take a look at some of our branded offers we have in stock! Just to give you a short description of what we sell and how we operate. 

We search nationally for great food deals and to keep costs low we buy in bulk with companies that have excess stock which mainly range of companies over buying or close to and after best before dates.

What is Best Before?
Best before is just a guideline for manufacturers and suppliers on quality and has nothing to do with 'Used By'.

We waste too much food due to people taking notice of the best before date and throwing stuff out, which has an affect on the environment in the long run.

About 20% of our stock is after the best before and the rest, well.. is just great value.
The food that we supply has either preservatives such as salt, oil and sugars, dried & also tinned which makes it last.

Even the crisps that are in foil packets last long after the best before, its only when the packets are opened that the crisps begin to go soft after a couple of days.

So if you're after a Bargain! Shop Now
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